Thursday, April 30, 2015

I shot Stephen King: Photos from the Edgar Awards dinner 2015

Stephen King (All photos by
your humble blogkeeper.
List of winners and
at the Mystery
Writers of America Web site.)

Charles Ardai
Sara Paretsky, Hilary Davidson
James Ellroy

Jon and Ruth Jordan
Ian Rankin, Stephen King, Karin
Slaughter, and Stuart Neville
Sara Paretsky and her shadow
© Peter Rozovsky 2015

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Blogger Unknown said...

So, Stephen King finally hits the big-time with an Edgar win. Bravo! I guess I ought to read his winner. Perhaps crime rather than horror will be his new niche in bookstores. (And thanks, Peter, for the excellent posting and photos!)

May 01, 2015  
Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

Well, he had written crime before, including for Hard Case. But he did talk about having the idea for a crime story, then having doubts because he had never written crime fiction before. "But," he told himself, by his own account, "if you have an idea and you don't write it because you've never written it before, you're a fucking asshole."

"Asshole" was definitely part of his utterance, and I think I got the modifier right, too. That's right: Stephen King outwore James Ellroy.

May 01, 2015  

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