Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bouchercon, Days 1 and 2

A few highlights of Bouchercon's first two full days:

Sara Blaedel
John McFetridge

  • Both panels I moderated Friday went supremely well. Many thanks to panelists Gerard Brennan, Paul Charles, Stuart Neville, Max Allan Collins, Sara J. Henry, Charles Kelly, Gary Phillips, Saeah Weinman.

  • Two women at the bar mistook me for Jon "Crimespree/organizer of Bouchercons/center of the crime fiction universe" Jordan, though one conceded she was drunk at the time.
    Mark Billingham

    Kwei Quartey
    Ali Karim, Stav Sheewx
    Mike Stotter, Bob Truluck
    © Peter Rozovsky 2014  

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    Blogger mybillcrider said...

    I'm very envious.

    November 15, 2014  
    Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

    This is a good Bouchercon, Bill. You would have liked my pulp and paperback originals panel. In fact, you might thane been part of it.

    November 15, 2014  
    Blogger adrian mckinty said...


    Gotta say, I think John looks the coolest...

    November 15, 2014  
    Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

    Without a doubt. He is John "Je Suis Cool" McFetridge.

    November 15, 2014  
    Blogger seana graham said...

    I had to leave on Saturday night with friends coming to the Westside but I had a great time while it lasted. I missed the Anthonys ceremony, but I did think ending with the conversation between Michael Connelly and Sebastian Rotella was ending on a high note.

    November 16, 2014  
    Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

    It was a pleasure seeing you and meeting your Zen friends, a pleasant surprise of this year's Bouchercon.

    November 16, 2014  

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