Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hard Case Crime in German

Hard Case Crime gets around. Less than a minute after making the post immediately below, I found this interview with publisher/editor Lisa Kuppler on the German crime-fiction site Krimi-Couch. It appears under the headline "Ein neuer Umgang mit den Konventionen des Hardboileds – im Retro-Kleid," which means something like "A new encounter with hard-boiled conventions – in retro dress."

If my rough reading is accurate, it appears that Kuppler bought the rights to the entire Hard Case line and will issue selected books in German, retaining the original covers but translating the titles – except in cases like Christa Faust's, should her Hard Case book make it into German. Its title, Money Shot, is untranslatable, according to Kuppler.

(See Hard Case's German Web site for more information or just to satisfy your curiosity about this encouraging example of crime fiction crossing borders.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


according to an interview of Lisa Kuppler with Ludger Menke the intended German (sic !) title for Money Shot will be "Hardcore Angel".

And Guthrie's "Kiss her goodbye" made it onto the Bestenliste for the month April.

April 08, 2008  
Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

Danke schön! I've just started reading the novel, and I'd say Hardcore Angel is not a bad title. It's clever, too, each of its components working on several levels. I got to hang out with Christa Faust a bit at NoirCon. My advice is to get her over there to do readings and signings. She is an amazing and delightful woman whose presence would probably sell lots of books.

Who comes up with the titles, by the way? Flop was an interesting choice for the translation of Bust. It could not have been easy to come up with that one.

April 08, 2008  

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