Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bouchercon 2011 audio recordings available!

The panels I moderated at Bouchercon 2011 included a fair number of memorable moments. Börge Hellström spoke calmly and movingly of being both a criminal and a victim of crime. Agnete Friis was amusingly insistent that I stick to the promise of our panel's subtitle ("How important is whodunit?"). Anne Zouroudi explained why she calls her Greek god the fat man.

Now you can hear it all (or most of it) on CD or MP3 recordings of Bouchercon's ninety-plus panels available from VW Tapes, which specializes in recording conferences and seminars. Here's a printable list of panels; mine are numbers 10 and 80.

Unfortunately my panel on comic crime fiction was one of three panels for which a recording is unavailable because of technical glitches. That means you won't get to hear Eoin Colfer or Colin Cotterill, which is a damned shame. But you ought to find plenty to tickle your ear and stimulate your mind. I can recommend, among others, panels moderated by Jeremy Lynch and Benjamin Whitmer.

Happy listening!

© Peter Rozovsky 2011

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Anonymous kathy d. said...

Thanks. Now to figure out the budget, as the whole conference costs $499.

FYI: Have you or other bloggers read Antonio Tobucchi's The Missing Head of Damasco Malteiro? It's very good and based on a real murder.

September 23, 2011  
Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

You could select the panels that interest you. The entire conference would be a bit much for anyone.

I have not read the book. Thanks for the recommendation.

September 23, 2011  
Anonymous Mike Dennis said...

Great meeting you at Bcon, Peter. This was a good conference and I'm looking forward to Cleveland in 2012.

See you down the road somewhere.

September 23, 2011  
Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

I'll see you in Cleveland, Albany, Long Beach, and Raleigh.

September 23, 2011  

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