Friday, December 07, 2007

Garry Disher plus one last Paris picture

And no, the picture is not of my hotel room.

Crime Down Under posts links to two articles by the award-winning, attention-getting, worth-reading Garry Disher. In one, Disher talks about becoming a writer, including some interesting remarks about the trials and tribulations of being so versatile an author. In the other, he offers a detailed analysis of how he writes, and he discusses some of the products of that writing: Hal Challis, Ellen Destry, and the cold, mysterious Wyatt. The latter article includes the excellent news that Disher is at work in on a seventh Wyatt novel. But Disher does not discuss the entertaining and intriguing ties between Wyatt and Richard Stark's Parker.

A bonus for readers in the Northern Hemisphere is that Disher's articles appear under the heading "Great Victorian Summer Read Blog." The nerve of the guy, lording it over we damp, shivering northerners.

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