Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Because everyone else is doing it ...

Most Hated Movie: Dressed to Kill/Batman Begins
Movie I think is overrated: The Big Lebowski
Movie I love: Big Deal on Madonna Street
Favorite Horror: Freaks
Favorite Comedy: Annie Hall
Favorite Sci Fi Movie: Blade Runner
Favorite Super Hero Movie: Superman II
Favorite War Movie: Foreign Correspondent
Favorite Western: The Searchers
Favorite Japanese movie: Stray Dog
Favorite Italian movies: Amarcord/Big Deal on Madonna Street
Favorite French movie: Grand Illusion

Favorite Hindi musical heist-gone-wrong movie: Kaante
Favorite silent movie: The General
Childhood Favorite: The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (or one of those Sinbad movies, anyhow)
Favorite Franchise: I don’t like “franchises.”
Favorite Director: Alfred Hitchcock/Howard Hawks
Takashi Shimura
Favorite Actor: Takashi Shimura
Favorite Actress: Myrna Loy
Favorite genre/character actor: Elisha Cook Jr.
Most talented cinematic figures: Buster Keaton/Alfred Hitchcock
Favorite movie seen recently: Elevator to the Gallows
Favorite movie of all time: Trouble in Paradise
Special award: To Sight and Sound which, out of Citizen Kane fatigue, named Vertigo the best film of all time. Memory tells me that Vertigo, while a fine movie, is not even one of Hitchcock's three best.

© Peter Rozovsky 2017

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