Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Finnish crime comes to America

Readers in the English-speaking crime-fiction world like to gripe about the dearth of translated fiction in their language. Over at Pulpetti, Juri Nummelin reports on a Finnish crime writer who took matters into his own hands and, with his brother who works on Wall Street, started his own publishing house to get his work out in America.

First up from their new Ice Cold Crime is founder Jarkko Sipilä's own Helsinki Homicide: Against the Wall. And more is on the way. Says Juri:

"Ice Cold Crime is publishing next another book by Sipilä, whose work is strictly rooted in the police procedural and its hardboiled subgenre. Then they'll probably publish something by Harri Nykänen. Nykänen is slightly better known in the US, since the Raid TV series made from his novels was shown in some cable channels there."
See Sipilä's Web site for more info. Read a summary of Helsinki Homicide: Against the Wall here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another Finnish crime writer, Matti Remes, has made the first book in his popular Ruben Waara series available as a free e-book, along with sample chapters from two more books in the series, on his website:

March 12, 2010  
Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

Thanks for the note. I'd seen mention of this elsewhere and had it in mind for a future post.

March 12, 2010  

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