Thursday, September 18, 2008

Neo-Carnival of the Criminal Minds

My two-week escape from Philadelphia has left me huffing and puffing to catch the carnival train, so here's news of two editions of the Carnival of the Criminal Minds, Nos. 21 and 22.

Brian Lindenmuth's edition 21 of the Carnival gives visitors a whole lot to look at even before they start reading. A collection of news items follows, and some are odder than the fantasy illustrations the precede them. When you're done, tale a look at Brian's Observations from the Balcony and see why I think it could just as well be called A Compendious Guide to Everything. Then take a look again tomorrow and each day thereafter.

Carnival No. 22 brings Declan Burke back for a second stint as host, and he turns introspective, reflecting on the state of crime fiction and crime-fiction bloggery:

"By the same token, and speaking only for myself, the last thing I need or want is a pat on the head from the literary establishment. What I AM saying is that the critical work on crime fiction needs to develop of and through its own metier, that the Johnsons of the crime / mystery community require their Boswells, and that I believe heart and soul that crime / mystery fiction needs and deserves the kind of widespread, top-to-bottom critical work that would in turn inspire the writers to strive towards ever-higher standards of work."
As always, a tip of the old hat to the mother of the Carnival, Barbara Fister, and a reminder that you can visit her archive for a look at all 22 Carnivals.

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