Thursday, April 26, 2007

An evening with Inger Frimansson, Kjell Eriksson, Håkan Nesser and Helene Tursten, Part II

Four of Sweden's top crime writers have something in common: They didn't start out as crime writers.

Helene Tursten was a nurse, then a dentist who began writing when an illness made it difficult for her to continue practicing dentistry. Kjell Eriksson was well into his career as landscape gardener before he published his first novel, and he didn't publish his first crime book until several years after that.

Håkan Nesser was a teacher, and Inger Frimansson, who says she had wanted to be a writer from an early age, became a journalist and an author of fifteen books before she turned to crime. "I thought if I wrote from a woman's perspective, I could change the world," Frimansson says of her pre-crime work, "but then I got bored."

Nesser said he started writing after an alternating-weeks joint-custody agreement in his divorce gave him free time he had not had earlier. "I had seven nights!" he says. Even then, according to Nesser, "I didn't intend to write a crime story, but since I had killed a woman in the bath tub ... "

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Peter
Couldn't work out how else to contact you to tell you that your email address is hard bouncing with Yahoo. The message says that it is not accpeting emails because of "prolonged inactivity"
Kerrie (oz_mystery_readers)

April 27, 2007  
Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

What the &*(&*&$!? I experience prolonged inactivity in many areas of my life, but not in blogging.

Thanks for letting me know.

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