Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Win "The Redbreast" and end your holiday gift-giving angst

Jo Nesbø's The Redbreast is a chilling, gripping, atmospheric, psychologically acute decades-spanning thriller and mystery spiced with touches of romance and humor. It's a hell of a book, and, if you live in the UK, Europe, the Commonwealth or Canada, you can win a copy here, thanks to the good folks at Random House in the UK.

The book concerns a string of killings in 1990s Oslo precipitated by strange activities on the cold, lonely Eastern Front in World War II. Claim your copy by answering this pertinent question: Which Norwegian politician's name became a synonym for traitor thanks to his collaboration in the Nazi occupation of Norway? Read more about The Redbreast — and find a clue to the competition question — here.

Send your answers to detectivesbeyondborders("@" symbol)earthlink.net.

Click here to watch a promotional video for The Redbreast. The video offers an accurate reflection of one aspect of Nesbø's multifacted novel.

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Blogger Dave K. said...

The name "Quisling" comes to mind. But I can't be sure without a Google search, and that would be cheating.

November 14, 2007  
Blogger Peter said...

You are ... right!!!

December 26, 2007  

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