Thursday, September 27, 2007

O, man! (Declan Burke)

Declan Burke reveals in an interview with Shots Ezine that his riotous, compassionate and very funny caper novel, The Big O, owes its existence to his exasperated wife's having flushed a chick-lit novel down "a metaphorical khazi."

You can read the interview to find out what a khazi is. You'll also get this entertaining writer's insights on Irish crime fiction, his fellow Irish crime writers, and his frustration with publishers who won't take chances. Burke talks at length about what he went through to get The Big O published, and I suspect that his comments will be of special interest to authors and would-be authors.

In June I called The Big O "one of the most fun and purely pleasurable reads I've had in a while." That still holds true, so why write about it again? Because it's a hell of a novel, and maybe if enough buzz is generated, and enough readers bang their bowls on their high chairs, a U.S. publisher will bring it out on this side of the ocean.

Until then, you can order The Big O through Hag's Head Press. While you're waiting for it to arrive, read my review here, along with the novel's hilariously deadpan opening lines.

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