Friday, April 06, 2007

More readings the same week!

I juggled my schedule so I could go hear Carlo Lucarelli and Massimo Carlotto read in New York, and then I found out that HÃ¥kan Nesser and Helene Tursten are reading in Toronto the same night. OK, readers, which reading should I attend?

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Anonymous Maxine said...

Well, I'd say Nesser because I've read him and think he's good, whereas I haven't read Tursten yet. Karen of Eurocrime has read both so you will get a more balanced view from her!

April 06, 2007  
Blogger Peter said...

I've read both, and I like both. I haven't read Carlo Lucarelli and Massimo Carlotto, though they're on my list (and I'd feel unable to face Norm/Uriah knowing I had passed up a chance to hear those guys). The real jewel of that conference is a night I'll be unable to attend: the aforementioned Italian writers, plus Yasmina Khadra (and Alicia Gimenez-Bartlett).

Of course, if I got someone to work for me April 19, I could go hear Nesser read in New York ... unless I concentrate on getting to Boston next week to hear Juan de Recacoechea:

April 06, 2007  
Blogger Peter said...

Maxine, Nesser and Tursten are reading together, on the same program. That's what makes my dilemma, well, if one can be caught on the horns of a dilemma, that's what makes my dilemma all the hornier. I have a choice of two strong multiauthor programs.

April 06, 2007  
Blogger Uriah Robinson said...

You know my vote would go to Carlotto and Lucarelli. To have those writers, and Yasmina Khadra[who I haven't read but seems really interesting] on the same program would be too tempting, work would have to take a backseat.

Lives there a man with soul so dead
But he unto himself has said,
"My grandmother shall die today
And I'll go see the Giants play?"

Rollin Lynde Hart

Not that I am suggesting you take a "sickie" or anything on April 19!

April 07, 2007  
Blogger Peter said...

Well, before you suggest that I pass up Helene Tursten, you should know that I read today that among her former professions is dentist.

But the April 19 alternative has become more attractive. Since I made my post, I have found out that the April 19 program in New York is the same as the April 25 one in Toronto: Nesser, Tursten, plus two other Swedish crime writers who seem interesting. That means I could hear both sets of writers -- if I can get someone to work for me the 19th.

I've asked a number of colleagues to switch days off with me so I could get to New York that day. That means the word is out: I want to be somewhere other than the office. If no one can switch with me, an alleged sickness on my part will generate a raised eyebrow or two.

April 07, 2007  
Blogger Euro Crime said...

Why can't they come to Harrogate this year? I'm so envious. I'd probably go for the Italians but I would like to see Ms Tursten. I'd be so disappointed at missing the 19th I'd probably end up with a migraine and couldn't go to work or the talk.

April 08, 2007  
Blogger Peter said...

I'm leaning toward the Swedes, since I've read Tursten and Nesser recently. It appears unlikely that I'll get anyone to switch me, so I will be faced with that harsh choice!

Maybe I'll visit my local Borders in the unlikely hope that it stocks some books that will make my decision easier.

April 08, 2007  
Anonymous LauraRoot said...

The Italians - Carlotto has led such an eventful life, it would be fascinating to see him in the flesh.

April 10, 2007  
Blogger Peter said...

I haven't read Carlotto, but I've been reading about his life, especially since I found out about his New York appearance. He'll actually be making several appearances as part of the festival in New York. One will be on a panel of writers who have been imprisoned.

Here's a brief biography of Massimo Carlotto: for anyone curious about these allusions to his life. I think I've also read that he has been active on the part of persons he believes to have been wrongly jailed. I was impressed that someone could do something constructive instead of spiraling into despair after experiences like the ones he must have had.

April 10, 2007  

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