Monday, May 18, 2015

Crimefest 2015 subsides into pleasant memories, and my computer dies

Lee Child interviews Maj Sjöwall at Crimefest. Photo by your
humble blogkeeper/

Good fun at Crimefest 2015, marred only by computer's apparent death just after everyone left town.

Among the many highlights were the usual voluble high-jinks with Ali Karim, and my first in-person meetings with authors and fellow fans with whom I'd communicated for years online: Craig Sisterson and Anthony Quinn among them.

It was good to renew acquaintances with Barry Forshaw and Ayo Onotade, and a raucous climb up Park Street for dinner with Ali, Craig, Stuart Neville,  Alan Carter, Alex Shaw, and Steve Cavangh will live long in our memories and probably those of the restaurant's staff as well.

I spent pleasant hours at the hotel bar with Louise Phillips and Sheila Bugler (an Irish writer new to me), and I happy to report that everyone's comportment was unbexceptionable.  I made the acquiance of  some folks from Newcastle way, and I hope to attend their crime fiction festival one of these years. And finally, the post-convention unwinding wih a group that included Alexandra Sokoloff and Craig Robertson pointed up what makes these conventions so much fun: The company was good, and the to-red list got longer.

More to come once last rites have been administered to my laptop.
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Blogger seana graham said...

Martin Edwards has a post up about Crimefest as well, and though it sounds like he was in another sector of the festival to some extent, one of the couple things your posts have in common is Ali Karim, who seems to have been everywhere. Seeing him in action at Bouchercon Long Beach, I can well imagine that he was.

May 18, 2015  
Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

Seana, I'd say your impression of Ali is accurate. Before you assume Martin Edwards was in another sector of the festival from me, however, wait for my next post.

Thanks for letting me know about his post. I generally don't return to full-scale blogging until I've had several days to recover, so I have spent little time seeing what other attendees have written.

May 18, 2015  

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