Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Noircons then and now

People tell me I'm too negative:
Your humble blogkeeper talks
about noir songs at the Philadelphia 
Mausoleum  of Contemporary Art
at Noircon 2012. Photo
courtesy  of Cullen Gallagher
With Noircon 2014 coming to Philly this week, here are some wise, entertaining, and interesting things that people said at previous Noircons. This year's version kicks off Wednesday night, with me MC'ing a Noir at the Bar back in the city where I created Noir at the Bar in 2008.
 This is my first Noircon. What attracted me is that I was asked to be the Guest of Honor, and no one could resist that.”
Otto Penzler, 2012
"Bitch-slapping the synapses of your brain," upon which another fellow attendee, knowing what I do for a living, asked, "Does bitch slapping take a hyphen?"

— Overheard at the hotel bar, 2010 (I should have replied: "Bitch-slapping takes a hyphen — and likes it." )
"Chubby Cambodian hotties." 
Christa Faust, 2008
Fellow Noircon attendee: "Are you a dog person or a cat person?"

Me: "Neither. I'm a vegetarian." 
Exchange at hotel bar Saturday night, Noircon 2012
  © Peter Rozovsky 2012, 2-14

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Anonymous Mary Beth said...

Even the humor has a dark turn at a noir convention. The cat and dog remark reminded me of the one by W. C. Fields when asked if he liked children and he replied, "Depends on how they're cooked." and another darker response was "Fried."

I hope you can forgive him for what he said about Philadelphia. He said he spent a year there once. He thought it was on a Sunday.

Have a great time.

October 29, 2014  
Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

I love what he said about Philadelphia, and I'm proud to work where he once did.

October 29, 2014  
Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

And thanks!

October 29, 2014  

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