Tuesday, October 06, 2009

What's happening in Indianapolis

My Thursday morning translation panel will not be the only one at Bouchercon of interest to fans of international crime fiction.

Thursday afternoon (Oct. 15) offers Irish Crime in Fact and Fiction with Kathryn Kennison, Ruth Dudley Edwards and Stuart Neville, and O Canada: Crime North of the Border.

On Friday, convention-goers can attend Murder at the Edge of the Map, where moderator Leighton Gage and panelists Christopher G. Moore, Tamar Myers, Yrsa Sigurðardóttir and Michael Stanley will discuss what mystery novels can tell us about international and exotic settings.

Saturday brings Criminal Consumables: The Craft and Popularity of Food and Drink in Mysteries and Crime Through Time: Research Versus Imagination in Historical Mysteries, the latter in a panel whose members include John Maddox Roberts and the excellent David Liss.

Also on Saturday, War Crimes: How War Shapes Characters and Crime Novels and The Humor Panel: Why Do Humor and Death Go So Well Together?

Those are just some of the panels on topics that have come up for discussion here at Detectives Beyond Borders. Lots more panels promise to be interesting, too, as do some of the off-site, non-panel events. My favorite of the latter is probably Friday's tour of the Hachette warehouse.

Click here for a complete Bouchercon program. If it's not too late, register now, and I'll see you in Indianapolis.

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Blogger Kiwicraig said...

Have fun Pete! I'm jealous - wish we had something like that in New Zealand. I'll have to time one of my future US visits for Boucheron and/or Left Coast Crime, methinks...

October 06, 2009  
Blogger R/T said...

Peter, though envy is one of those seven deadly sins (or at least I think it is), I am nonetheless daring to sin by being envious of your attendance and participation and the Boucheron fun-and-games. Have a wonderful time, and give some thought now and then to those who must participate vicariously through your commentary. Keep the envious folks posted.

October 06, 2009  
Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

Craig, you missed a good chance this year, when Left Coast Crime was in Hawaii. You could agitate to stage it in New Plymouth one of these years. Left Coast Crime is in Los Angeles in 2010 and Bouchercon in San Francisco.

October 06, 2009  
Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

R.T., let's downgrade envy to venial for one week only.

I always enjoy making blog posts from conventions and plan to do so this time.

October 06, 2009  
Blogger Dennis Tafoya said...

Looking forward to hanging out at Bouchercon!


October 06, 2009  
Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

Hasta la vista. The hanging out always seems to be good fun at these affairs, though some folks absent themselves from the proceedings, offering feeble excuses about having to go write.

October 07, 2009  
Blogger Dana King said...

I'm getting psyched as the dated draws closer. Looking forward to seeing you again, and to many of the same panels you noted here.

October 07, 2009  
Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

I did not look at the program in detail until yesterday. It's a strong program.

October 07, 2009  

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