Friday, May 29, 2009

Swiss misc.

Hans Werner Kettenbach has won the Friedrich Glauser Prize for lifetime achievement in German-language crime writing, an especially impressive achievement since he did not publish his first novel until he was fifty. The award dovetails neatly with Bitter Lemon Press's release (this month in the UK, October in the US) of Kettenbach's novel David's Revenge. This follows its earlier publication of his Black Ice.

The prize honors the great Swiss crime writer Friedrich Glauser, a longtime favorite here at Detectives Beyond Borders.

Speaking of the Swiss, Crime Time will follow up its richly informative surveys of the French and Dutch crime-fiction scenes with Crime Scene: Switzerland. If the French and Dutch Crime Scenes are any indication, this latest will be a comprehensive guide to the past and present in Swiss crime fiction, along with guides to Web sites, bookshops, fans' organizations and more. A big tip of the headwear to AIEP/IACW (the Association of International Crime Writers) for this worthy project.

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