Thursday, December 11, 2008

A prox on both your houses and a miscellaneous note

Oz Mystery Readers (click that link for information and a free sign-up) has a good discussion going with author Katherine Howell.

Here's Howell on a case from her career as a paramedic. The question: Was a man she'd comforted on the job but who turned out possibly to have killed his wife ever called to account?:
"Worst thing is, I don't know! Usually in coroner's court they want to decide if anybody has to answer for the death. If they'd then charged him then we would have gone to criminal court to testify again. We were never called, so I have to think that either — maybe he died himself before the case reached the court — or there was not enough evidence to charge him — or the coroner decided there was no case. So is he really a murderer and still out there? Or did she accidentally or deliberately overdose herself? Hmmmmmmmm .... "
Closer to home, Whose role is is anyway? gives me a Proximidade Award, which means she likes this blog. Thanks. Like all honors, this one brings responsibility: I have to pass the honor along. This is a good occasion to single out Sucharita Sarkar's Past Continuous for its touching and sharply observed meditations on memory.

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