Friday, January 25, 2008

Summer reading in Australia

Those of us shivering here in lands where cold winters are the norm (but newspapers nonetheless think cold weather and snow newsworthy) can sigh wistfully at a blog devoted to summer reading. But you just wait. We'll get back at them in six months.

The State Library of Victoria had the delightful idea not just of asking readers what their summer choices are, but of inviting authors to post essays and lead discussions.

Guests so far have included two writers discussed here: Adrian Hyland and Garry Disher. Disher offers detailed discussions of crime fiction, of how he works, and of his own characters. Hyland offers yet more delightful stories behind his novel Diamond Dove and his life amid Australia's indigenous people.

I'd like to see libraries elsewhere follow suit. This is a terrific way to connect authors and readers. (Hat tip to Crime Down Under.)

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