Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sir Kenneth to be Kurt Wallander

A reader reminds me that Kenneth Branagh will play Kurt Wallander in BBC adaptations of Henning Mankell's novels One Step Behind, Firewall and Sidetracked.

Branagh, according to the BBC, "has had a long time passion for the books." It's nice to know that the actor/director shares a liking for an author who has introduced so many to international crime fiction.

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Blogger Maxine Clarke said...

That's as may be, but as opined on Euro Crime, I just can't see Lord B as Wallender. Never mind, I won't be watching anyway, in all likelihood.

January 12, 2008  
Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

To be Kurt Wallander, or not to be? The only thing I've seen Sir Kenneth in was Hamlet, and, no, I can't picture Kurt Wallander making love to Kate Winslet. But them, the man is an actor. It's his job to create an illusion. Branagh looked suitably craggy in the photo that accompanied the BBC press release, so a bit of makeup and some suitable lighting could have him looking Wallander's age. I'll look in if I have a chance.

Perhaps I'll rent Dead Again, a crime/science fiction movie he made some years ago. A interesting review at the time said that the movie demonstrated that a great actor does not necessarily make a movie star.

January 12, 2008  
Blogger Kerrie said...

I think he'll make a better Wallander than the one who has acted in the series so far (see images who was too big, too shambling, and too young I thought. My mind's eye picture of Kurt Wallander is closer to Henning Mankell himself actually.

January 12, 2008  
Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

I saw the movie version of The White Lioness, and, while I had some complaints about liberties the script took with the novel, I had no quarrel with the lead actor's suitability to play the character. Anyone reasonably talented, reasonably rumpled, not too skinny and plausibly Swedish could do a good job, I think. Perhaps Sir Kenneth will put on some weight for the role.

Incidentally, I've noticed the curious fact that Amazon's UK site as well as one British reader who has commented here spell the main character's name WallEnder, while U.S. and Canadian editions of the books spell it WallAnder. I wonder if that reflects a difference in pronunciation. For what it's worth, Mankell himself pronounced the name something like Vuh-LUN-der at a reading I attended.

January 13, 2008  

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