Friday, February 23, 2007

Reviews in the news

Matilda links to this review of novels by Andrea Camilleri, Peter Corris and Ian Rankin. Among the comments that caught my eye:

"Corris employs great skill in choosing the physical settings for [Cliff] Hardy’s adventures, especially those around inner Sydney suburbs such as Glebe, where Hardy lives, and Newtown, where he has an office."

This tallies with Corris' oft-remarked pioneering use of Australian settings.

"World literature is much richer for the input of Italian Andrea Camilleri (translated by Stephen Sarterelli), Australian Peter Corris and Scot Ian Rankin. Indeed, their contributions are so diverse that confining them to a genre seems arbitrary."

"Rounding the Mark differs in tone from the earlier Montalbano novels, and it seems likely that Camilleri has modified the character so that he resembles more closely the television Montalbano played so superbly by Luca Zingaretti."

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