Monday, September 25, 2006

More New Looks at Old Sites

I got a kick out of looking at and posting a link to Landscapes of Crime, so I took a walk down memory lane (or maybe I just needed to clean out my clogged folders) looking for more sites that might be of interest., in Dutch. Karin Slaughter fans may be pleased that two of her books are in the Netherlands' Top Ten list of bestselling thrillers. There is a nice tradition in the Netherlands, a "free book week" in which one title each year is chosen and published in a special edition to be given free to anyone who makes a certain minimum purchase (15 euros, maybe) at any bookshop in the country. My man Janwillem van de Wetering was the book-week author one year.

A Guide to Classic Mystery and Detection is a guide, scholarly in tone, to, um, classic mystery and detection. There's good historical material here and insights on British and American writers, including some names that may surprise you.

Mystery Readers International, which refers to itself as MRI, though it has nothing to do with elaborate medical-imaging procedures. Among other things, you can link to online versions of selected articles from the print version of Mystery Readers Journal, including articles on mysteries set in Italy and mysteries set in the Far East.

Bloody Foreigners is a notice of a United Kingdon tour earlier this year by some non-British writers. It contains some pertinent words that may interest fans of international crime fiction.

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