Monday, January 05, 2009

Starburst over Sydney: Carnival of the Criminal Minds, #29

Mysteries in Paradise is the current host of Carnival of the Criminal Minds, opening by boldly confronting the propositions that Australia is an upside-down land and that it owes its foundation to criminals.

This installment, titled "Murder in the Outback," will more than most give viewers the sights and sounds of its host country. And Kerrie offers capsule reviews and biographies from Australia's long and rich crime-fiction history. Here is a good chance, in other words, to learn something not just about crime fiction but about culture, geography and history.

As always, visit Barbara Fister's archive for a summary of this and all previous carnivals.

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Blogger petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Happy New Year, Peter! It's unfortunate, the stereotypes. A reflection of a lazy mind.

January 05, 2009  
Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

And to you as well. I must say that Kerrie seems proud of Australia's rakish reputation. You should take a look at her carnival. It's an entertaining travelogue.

January 05, 2009  
Blogger Kerrie said...

We've learnt not to cringe too much anyway. Our convict origins had an undeniable effect on our distinctive culture. Interesting to note though that the reason for the foundation of convict colony at Botany Bay was the loss of the 13 Colonies as a dumping ground. Before 1776 the American colonies absorbed most of the convict output, but it is not a heritage we hear much about :-)

January 06, 2009  
Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

Well, one man's convict is another man's rugged individualist. But you're right about the American colonies. All those indentured servants here in America had to some from somewhere, didn't they?

January 06, 2009  

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