Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sunshine Noir, the CWA Dagger awards, and me

I feel a kinship with the shortlists (one word in British usage) for the Crime Writers Association Dagger awards, announced last week. Two of the six finalists for best short story "The Assassination," by Leye Adenle; and "Snakeskin," by Ovidia Yu   appeared in Sunshine Noir, a collection of short stories set in hot places. Here's what I wrote about Adenle's story in my introduction to the volume (I gave the introduction the title "Clime Fiction," and the indulgent editors, Annamaria Alfieri and Stan Trollip, in his role as part of the writing team of Michael Stanley, were kind enough to let it stand):

"Leye Adenle’s `The Assassination' is a taut tale of death and political corruption that harks back to honorable precedents in crime and espionage writing but is redolent of its setting, which I take to be the author’s country, Nigeria."

Here's what I wrote about Yu's:

"If you want gothic-tinged domestic mystery, you’ll find it in Sunshine Noir. (Family secrets flourish in steamy air. Try Ovidia Yu's `Snake Skin.')"

Three of the remaining shortlisted stories are from Motives for Murder, edited by Martin Edwards, including one by Edwards himself. I have no connection with Motives for Murder, but I will join Edwards on a panel at Bouchercon 2017 in Toronto. So when it comes to Daggers, I know almost everybody's shorts.

(Read about the nominees in all categories on the CWA website:

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Blogger Art Taylor said...

Congratulations to these writers from Sunshine Noir and to you and everyone connected with the anthology! And Martin (as I'm sure you know) is terrific as well. Looking forward to this panel--the one we talked about at Thrillerfest, right? Glad it's coming together!

July 29, 2017  
Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

Thanks. Yes, that's the panel we talked about at Thrillerfest. I got another panel, that one in my accustomed role as moderator, later.

Martin is am excellent moderator, a fine moderator, and a killer at pub quizzes. He was also on a panel I moderated at Bouchercon in New Orleans.

July 30, 2017  

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