Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Bouchercon 2016: Want a nice foot massage?

Photo: Peter Rozovsky
for Detectives 
Beyond Borders
If you're shy about asking for a foot massage, come to Canal Street. They hawk 'em on the sidewalks here.

No massages for me on my first evening in New Orleans for Bouchercon 2016, but my plane landed only ten minutes behind schedule--impressive considering that the aircraft had still not arrived at the gate five minutes after boarding was to have begun, and we were delayed further so Air Force One could get out of the way.

For the second consecutive Bouchercon, I ran into Ali Karim at the convention hotel before I could get to the registration desk. The inevitable crowd accumulated, and i was later getting to the desk than I was leaving Philadelphia.
Had a most pleasant dinner with Martin Edwards discussing Michael Gilbert, whom Martin will talk about when I moderate a panel Thursday morning. The conversation branched out into the vagaries of the English and the American legal professions (Gilbert was a lawyer and a mystery writer; so is Martin), and before long we were gabbing away about barristers, solicitors, and how to tell them apart. I asked the questions and Martin answered them, just as will be the case Thursday.

Sarah Byrne joined us toward the end of the meal. When not working on programming for next year's Bouchercon in Toronto, Sarah is--you'll never guess--a lawyer.

See you at the bar.

© Peter Rozovsky 2016

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