Tuesday, January 13, 2015

More pics, plus a couple of novelists sitting around talking

All photos by Peter Rozovsky
Those two good guys, Dietrich Kalteis and Belfast's own Martin J. Frankson, talk about bad guys in the 13th installment of  Kalteis' Off the Cuff discussions. Once again, Dietrich illustrates the noirish palaver with a photo by your formerly humble blogkeeper photographer, shot right here in Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago (right). 

Says Kalteis: "I love dialogue and there’s nothing better than some foulmouthed bad guy to lend color to the page."

Kalteis knows something about writing bad guys. Here's part of what I wrote last year about his novel Ride the Lightning:

"What I like best is that it sustains a breakneck pace without sacrificing character to action, or action to character. Kalteis made me care about his cast of lowlifes, screw-ups, and marginals without stopping the action too often for endearing moments of humanity or self-conscious wit. What these characters show of themselves, they show in the act of doing what they do."
Here are all the Off the Cuffs, at http://dietrichkalteis.blogspot.ca/. Here, too, are some more recent photos.

 © Peter Rozovsky 2014

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Blogger Unknown said...

And even more names for my reading list!

That photos at the top and bottom really intrigue me. Tell me more.

January 13, 2015  
Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

The top photo, the one Dietrich posted at his site, was simply a street scene I found on the way from the bookshop to the bar one night. I shot the bottom one through window in a door at the wonderful Mission Inn in Riverside, Calif. (the same place I shot the detail from the macaw's wing included here). I did not stay there, but the staff welcomed me to wander around the place taking pictures, bless their hearts.

January 13, 2015  
Blogger Dana King said...

Ah, another one who appreciates a foul-mouthed bad guy. I'm beginning to think that's what my agent means when he says editors aren't buying "guy stories:" foul language.

January 14, 2015  
Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

Fuck 'em.

January 14, 2015  

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