Monday, November 03, 2014

Bright Women Wear Dark Hats, and other Noircon images

A good noir convention should always wind up at a vast and labyrinthine book shop. Philadelphia filled the bill with Noircon 2014 and Port Richmond Books. Photos by your humble blogkeeper, Peter Rozovsky, except where physically impossible.

Christa Faust

Anita Thompson, Suzanne Solomon

Andrew Nette, Ed Pettit

Jed Ayres and I re-enact an ancient
Noir at the Bar ritual

Scott Adlerberg
William Lashner
© Peter Rozovsky 2014

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Blogger Unknown said...

I look at the photos of the bookstore, and I want to move. I could live IN the bookstore. My pulse races just looking at the photos. Egads!

November 04, 2014  
Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

What a shock. A Blogger error eats a comment.

Several of Noircon's out-of-town visitors reacted as you did. And if you enjoyed the photos, you might like my nest post, to come later tonight.

November 04, 2014  
Blogger Unknown said...

The bookstore photos induced a flashback: I was once again in a dusty, cluttered, dimly lighted bookstore on Liberty Avenue in Pittsburgh in the early 60s. It was first encounter with a "real" bookstore. I made my first book purchase with my own money. It was a used trigonometry textbook; I never mastered the subject but I loved the book. Most of those are gone now. Barnes and Noble stores and the other megastores are an abomination by comparison.

November 04, 2014  
Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

Gee, what a shock. Goddamned Blogger is still eating comments.

There can't have many like Port Richmond Books even in the heyday of American literacy. And don't forget the neighborhood's wonderful pierogi.

November 04, 2014  

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