Monday, March 14, 2011

Chandler channelers

Over at Crime Always Pays, Declan Burke talks about the e-book edition of his novel Eightball Boogie and the state of publishing, electronic and otherwise. Over at Detectives Beyond Borders archives, I talk about Eightball Boogie in part thus:
"Once he's created a sense of menace, the wisecracks resonate all the more, as here: `If I squinted I could make out the bench where I'd been sitting just before taking my header into the river, so I didn't squint.' Or this, faithful to the spirit of a resilient Chandler protagonist but with a dangerous edge that hinges on one four-letter word: `Adrenaline, the cleanest drug of them all, charged through my veins.'"
I called that post "Channeling Raymond Chandler." Read the full post to find out why.
Elsewhere in the Chandler channeling department, Chapters 10 through 14 of Adrian McKinty's new Falling Glass are called, in order, "The High Window," "The Big Sleep," "Farewell My Lovely," and, chillingly, "The Lady in the Lake" and "The Long Goodbye."

More anon.

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Blogger adrian mckinty said...


I wanted to give them an Irish ring but my creativity abandoned me after The Big Sheep and The Lady in the Lough so I just gave up. Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams would have soldiered on.

March 14, 2011  
Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

Could you not have gone with "Farewell, Me Lovely"?

Good timing for the book's arrival at DBB headquarters. I saw two women with little green cardboard hats on their heads Saturday night on the subway. That decided me to head home instead of stopping at the Pen & Pencil Club for a drink.

March 14, 2011  

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