Thursday, June 25, 2009

But wait! There's more!

John McFetridge is not the only Detectives Beyond Borders favorite offering an online preview of his latest work these days. Declan Burke, McFetridge's sometime partner in meta-fictional crime, posts a sliver of the sequel to his first novel, Eightball Boogie, over at Crime Always Pays.

Mr. Burke, you have the floor:

"The heat was fierce but I was still half-dazed, so I dived in and grabbed his ankles. One of his moccasins slipped off as he came free and at first I thought I’d ripped him in half. Then I thought he’d dropped a dwarf on the Audi. Strange the things you think about when you’re trying not to think at all."

"Finn played good music but you had to be in the mood. Some nights he went off on a jag: Cohen, Drake, Walker, Waits. Santa Claus with a straight razor in his mitt, black dogs howling down the moon. Spend long enough driving a cab listening to Finn, you’ll wind up with a Mohawk cruising underage whores, trying to think of a politician it’d be worth the bullet to plug."

"‘Might as well stay up after I knock off. Want me to grab a DVD?’

"‘Something black-and-white,’ he said. ‘The kind where they crack wise and smoke a lot.’

"I swung around by Blockbusters and picked up
Duck Soup, Groucho on the cover tipping ash off his cigar."
That's good stuff.

© Peter Rozovsky 2009

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Blogger Dana King said...

Dec Burke got the shaft when his American publisher dropped the contract for the sequel to THE BIG O, which was a hell of a good read. Here's hoping someone else realize the error of their ways and gets him back into general circulation.

June 26, 2009  
Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

Or here's hoping that someone in publishing recognizes there's a niche for these books and is willing to promote them, or that someone figures out a profitable alternative to publishing as we know it.

June 26, 2009  

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