Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thoughts from Hockensmith

And try to say that ten times fast after a few drinks.

The Mystery News Web site offers some refreshing excerpts from an interview with Steve Hockensmith, whose delightful but unspoofy novel Holmes on the Range, about a pair or ranch hands turned detectives in 1890s Montana, I discussed a few weeks back.

"I didn't really choose to write a western mystery," Hockensmith said. "I was looking around trying to figure out what was going to be my next stab at a novel and I'd been doing short stories for Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine for a while and I thought well, the smart thing to do would be to pick on one of those characters."
It's refreshing to read that such an unusual series could spring from such an unassuming beginning.

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