Monday, March 03, 2008

Australian Crime Fiction Snapshot, Part I

The Australian Crime Fiction Snapshot, which I mentioned here two days ago, offers a rich selection of short interviews on its first day, a tasty crime-fiction tapas.

Crime Down Under talks to Adrian Hyland, author of Diamond Dove (Moonlight Downs); Matilda interviews Lucy Sussex and Marshall Browne; and Aust Crime Fiction takes Matthew Freeman and P.D. Martin.

My favorite comment from any of the interviews may be Freeman's, that "Australian crime fiction should be about what we do between drinks," but there's lots of other good stuff here, and this is just day one.

Among other questions, the bloggers ask the authors what they think can be done to better promote Australian crime fiction. These snapshots are a hell of a start, and you should visit the three blogs every day to track the project's progress. And you definitely owe Karen, Damien and Perry a round of drinks and some vegemite sandwiches for rendering this worthwhile service.

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