Monday, July 02, 2007

A new crime-fiction blog

A former colleague of mine has started Dave's Fiction Warehouse, which I recommend for three reasons:

1) He's a nice guy.

2) He's a a hell of a prose stylist.

3) One of his first posts dovetails nicely with a post I made here yesterday. I asked Can authors and protagonists go home again? in a comment about Declan Hughes' The Wrong Kind of Blood and American Visa by Juan de Recacoechea. Dave holds forth on Martin Cruz Smith's Stalin's Ghost, in which:
The morose and laconic Arkady Renko returns for the sixth time since his debut in the brilliant Gorky Park of 1982.This time he's back in Moscow, which has changed a great deal in 25 years. It's a city where the excesses of capitalism and corruption have engendered an odd nostalgia for the days of Stalinist Russia — even as mass graves yield reminders of what those days were really like.
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