Saturday, June 30, 2007

A nay-sayer on neo-noir

Over at The Rap Sheet and the Thrilling Detective Blog, Kevin Burton Smith offers harsh thoughts on "neo-noir." Some highlights:

Many of these books have increasingly little to do with the classic noir films and novels their authors all claim to admire and adore so much (but may never have actually read.)

If the original noirs were usually about normal, or at least identifiable characters being drawn into the darkness, that’s an era that is long gone. So many of the recent noir novels I’ve read are populated by amoral sociopaths who are already plenty dark.


All the meanness and carnage of these soulless wallows comes off more like pornography than noir, at least to me.

The essay is full of passion and knowledge of its subject and very much worth reading. Smith names no titles or authors. You might want to read his essay and see who you think fits his descriptions.

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