Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A kicker and a tease

Coffin Scarcely Used, published in 1958, was the first of Colin Watson's Flaxborough Chronicles novels, and in spots the plot is extravagant (codes; secret passages of a kind; a man found electrocuted, his mouth stuffed with marshmallows; and a final one that would constitute a spoiler if I revealed it).

One or two descriptions are flat, as well, but never mind; the book has one of the great kickers ever, which, for obvious reasons, I also cannot reveal. Suffice it to say that the kicker is funny, but it's no mere throwaway to end the book on a light note. It has resonance and just might make you think back on the characters about whom you will have just read.

Click here for more about Colin Watson and the Flaxborough Chronicles.

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