Thursday, May 31, 2007

Australian comic crime fiction, or Damien's list

Damien at Crime Down Under posts a gracious reply to my recent post about the funniest crime stories ever. More to the point, he offers seven suggestions of his own, all Australians, two of whom I've read.

Those two authors are Shane Maloney and Chris Nyst, both of whom I've discussed on this blog. My reading of Australian crime fiction has shown me that Australian writers have a way of sneaking a wry remark or sly observation in at even serious moments, so I suspect that Damien's list will be worth looking into.

Damien's other authors are Max Barry, Robert Gott, Geoff McGeachin, Robert G. Barrett and Scott Bywater. Why not check them out? You may be in for some good laughs, and you'll feel a warm glow of culturally inclusiveness.

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