Monday, May 21, 2007

100 Must-Read Crime Novels

There may not be precisely a hundred, and not all are novels (the list includes story collections by G.K. Chesterton and Arthur Conan Doyle), but Richard Shephard and Nick Rennison's 100 Must-Read Crime Novels makes a nice, compact guide. It will fit easily into your pocket to replace the 5 pounds, 99 pence you take out to pay for it.

The occasionally flat prose in the capsule descriptions (Novels are "unbelievably powerful" or "atmospheric, entertaining") is offset by interesting choices from authors I had not read (John Franklin Bardin, Nicholas Blake) or knew only through movie adaptations (Vera Caspary's Laura). I was pleased to see Fredric Brown's The Fabulous Clipjoint on the list and tantalized by the description of Eric Ambler's writing as "poles apart from the run-of-the-mill, imperialist yarns favoured by such writers as John Buchan and Sapper."

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Blogger Bupster said...

A short comment on your previous post, Peter - lottery money is for sports funding as well as arts, so funding the Olympics rather than making London take out huge loans wouldn't be that inappropriate, although the matter is obviously one of some debate. I'd personally be in favour of it, as London hasn't hosted anything huge for a very long time and desperately needs the infrastructure boost. Oops, not so short. Sorry.

May 22, 2007  
Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

Thanks for your concise note, Bupster.

You know far more than I do about the funding of London 2012. I had not known that lottery money was for sport as well as the arts, for example. Still, if the estimate of the Games' cost really has risen from £2.4 billion to £9.3 billion, I'd be worried both that I had been lied to and that money that might otherwise have gone to the arts was now being diverted to pay for the cost of the lies. If I were British, I'd be equally upset about whatever method officials chose to pay for cost overruns, be it by diverting arts money or by taking out huge loans.

Sorry about the demise of your spuds, by the way.

May 22, 2007  

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